Flower Power

The only positive thing about this cool rainy spring is that I haven’t had to water anything…not even once.   Mother Nature has done it for me.   In fact it’s rained so much this past month that most of the farmers haven’t even been able to get their crops planted, the latest season ever as many recall.  It’s sad to drive through the countryside and see all those bare soggy fields.  The crop insurance has been extended a few days, but things are looking desperate, and the forecast is more of the same.  Let’s send out a few prayers for our farmers – because if they don’t plant, we don’t eat.   

I’ve been preoccupied with the kitchen reno, but here’s a recap of the best of the spring flowers, even if I’ve been too busy and it’s been too rainy to enjoy them.  

The hyacinths at the corner always make going to the mailbox a treat. hyacinths

These little purple violets scattered in the grass are always so pretty, especially if you ignore the weeds!  violets in the grass

The nicest thing about this picture, also taken near the mailbox, is the shade, which means the trees are finally leafing out.   TulipsI love the play of the shadows on the lawn. tulips

The squirrels dug up most of my tulips, tulips for lunch

so I really appreciate it when someone else makes an effort.   It’s always a treat to drive down this street and see this yard,  tulipsand this one. hyacinths spring garden

Last year I transplanted a few blue forget-me-nots from my neighbour – they were so pretty I hope they are invasive.  forget me nots

My only purchase earlier in the spring was a pink and yellow dahlia and a couple of bright pink begonias, my first for both types of plants.   I didn’t know what to do with them, and read that the dahlia had to be dug up in the fall so I just stuck them in bigger pots.  dahlia The dahlia has flourished, with many buds again, but the begonias got too water-logged.  dahlia

The lilacs finally bloomed, mine pale and anemic, so I enjoyed the neighbors dark purple ones which hang over my fence.   The bloom-again lilac was a few weeks later, but I was disappointed in it’s smell.   We’ll see if it lives up to it’s name.  

The lily of the valley was plentiful too, another invasive gift from a  fellow gardener.  lily of the valley

My 50 cent bargain iris from last years horticultural sale bloomed for the first time, all of them coming up purple, except for one ugly burgundy one I gave away as it didn’t fit the color scheme.    iris The second year for this fuchsia clematis.  My new one, planted last fall, is not out yet but as it is a Jackmanii, it may be later. clematis

Sometimes I’m not sure if things will bloom the first year, but the half-price peonies planted last fall burst forth a pretty pink.    peonies

When I finally got to the nursery again, these were my selections.  I’ve never had a dipladenia plant before (smaller than a Mandevilla), but it looks very tropical. garden flowers on tableAnd one can never have enough lavender.garden flowers on table

 I may pick up some half-price geranium pots if I can find any, but even the nursery plants are struggling this year.   Many look so pathetic no one would want to take them home, which is just as well, as man does not live by flowers alone.   I planted lettuce in early May and all the rain has made me the Lettuce Queen of the neighborhood.   Let us be grateful for homegrown salads!lettuce

20 thoughts on “Flower Power

  1. Jo Shafer says:

    What a charming bird bath! I like garden accents that do just that — Accent. Your new pink peonies are lovely and lily-of-the-valley charming. Mine didn’t bloom well this year, but the new deep rose peonies (third year) were spectacular.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Joni says:

      I’m going to transplant some deep pink ones from an old farmhouse out in the country this fall – the owner told me I could take as many as I wanted – as that is the color I really wanted. These were just half-price ones I picked up last fall at Home Depo.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jo Shafer says:

        No, we do not have Homesense, but we do have Home Depot as well as Costco.
        For half-price peonies, I think your pink ones did well over the winter. How generous of your neighbor to share some of hers! We used to enjoy swapping neighbors like her until they moved away. There were four of us visiting over the garden gate or in the middle of the street. I miss them.

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    • Joni says:

      PS. Jo that birdbath was from Homesense – about ten years ago – I got the matching garden bench too. When I saw it in the store I just had to have it! I don’t know if you have Homesense, but it’s part of the Winners/Marshall chain. Unfortunately the pedestal part has not stood up well and needs repair as soon as my handyman guy can figure out how, and as soon as it dries out!

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  2. ruthsoaper says:

    This is the first year I have grown begonias and dahlias also. I usually don’t buy annuals. I think my money is better spent on perennials but with my husband working at the greenhouse this year he brought them home because they were going to be thrown away. I have both in pots and so far so good. Your photos are beautiful.

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  3. lindasschaub says:

    I love all these colors – wish you could be outside enjoying them more Joni. The birdbath is very unique and I liked how the irises are so similar in color … too bad the irises don’t last all Summer. I am amazed at your lettuce – I knew you said it was growing like crazy, but wow!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Joni says:

      I had twelve heads of lettuce, four seedlings per box each of romaine, leaf and something else Butterhead?, and I planted them the first week of May and covered them up a few cold nights. By the time I harvested them they were twice the size of that picture. I shared with neighbours and my mothers neighbour and even sent some home with my grasscutter and the electrician, because it all ripens at the same time. If you let the romaine get too big it tastes bitter, but I didn’t notice that with the other two types. I started a few more seedlings in another box, to try and stagger the crops, and by August usually resort to seed packets and watering. I like just being able to go out and tear a handful off for supper, as I end up wasting a lot when I buy at the grocery store. By August when I have tomatoes and cucumbers, it’s an instant salad sprinkled with some goat cheese. I’m into goat cheese at the moment. The birdbath needs repair on the pedestal as it tends to topple over when full of rainwater. I bought it ten years ago, when all that mosaic was in, but loved the colours in it. It has a matching garden bench, and I bought it in London and drove home with the car trunk loaded down, not good for the tires, but worth it!

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      • lindasschaub says:

        I think that birdbath makes the garden and the bench that matches it must look exquisite out there … I am sad every time I look at my garden. Some roses have some green – no doubt, like you say, from the constant rain … the biggest one is a goner. I must do my bushes as it looks scary out there … I don’t want them to get big as they overwhelm the house which is small and this weekend … rain again!

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      • lindasschaub says:

        Your weekend will not be too peaceful, that’s for sure and escaping the noise will have you upstairs or in the basement most likely — we have a brief rain respite Saturday morning, so I’ll hightail it out and get back before the rain and gusty storms begin.

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  4. Debbie says:

    Lovely post, J! The photos are great, but the flowers in person are better. I missed the lily-of-the-valley on my grand tour…love those little bells! Hope the painter showed up this afternoon and the work has started!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Joni says:

      The lily of the valley was near the back garage door and is almost done, but it was lovely when it was out. The painter did not show up, and did not call and I was home by 4:30. I guess I’ll be calling him today again……it’s funny he was so prompt when he came for the estimate.


  5. Ally Bean says:

    Your photos of your flowers are lovely and vibrant. We used to have lilac bushes but they never gave off a scent, which seemed odd to me. I’ve tried to grow clematis, but it won’t take around here. I do like their climbing habit, but it would not grow so it had to go! Gardening is always an adventure.

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