My Tennessee Mountain Home – #Song of the Day

I’m not a big fan of country music or bluegrass, but this song has been stuck in my brain since I heard it on Classic Hit Parade a few weeks ago, not only for it’s catchy melody but for the imagery of the lyrics which are an ode to a porch on a summer afternoon. It might also have something to do with the crickets and fireflies which always herald August to me and the waning days of summer when evening shadows fall.

Although the lyrics are lovely, I find myself focusing on the instrumentals the more I listen, but just for fun I’ve set the lyrics to pictures.

My Tennessee Mountain Home was written and recorded by Dolly Parton in 1973 as a tribute to her childhood memories of growing up in rural Tennessee, but I much prefer Maria Muldaur’s version. Maria Muldaur was an American folk/blues/country singer, best known for her quirky 1973 hit “Midnight at the Oasis.” I remember listening to her in my dorm room and fellow boomers may recognize the album cover. So pour yourself a glass of iced tea or lemonade, pull up a chair and have a listen to the best fiddle/banjo chorus ever.

Here are the lyrics.

Photo by Kaleigh Sawers on

Sittin’on the front porch on a summer afternoon
In a straight-back chair on two legs leaned against the wall

Photo by Danijela Dannie on

Watch the kids a-playin’ with june bugs on the string
And catch the glowin’firelies when evening shadows fall

ln my Tennessee mountain home
Life is as peaceful as a baby’s sigh
In my Tennessee mountain home
Crickets singing in the fields nearby

Honeysuckle vines cling to the fences along the lane
Their fragrance makes the summer wind so sweet

Photo by Frank Cone on

And on a distant hilltop an eagle spreads its wings
And a songbird on a fence post sings a melody

Photo by Anthony on

Instrumental toe-tapping Chorus – makes you want to square dance!

Walkin’ home from church on Sunday with the one you love
Just laughin,’ talkin’ makin’ future plans
And when the folks ain’t lookin’ you might steal a kiss or two
Just sittin’ in the porch swing holdin’ hands

Repeat Chorus

I hope you have enjoyed this latest addition to my summer soundtrack!

24 thoughts on “My Tennessee Mountain Home – #Song of the Day

    • Joni says:

      Jo, the woods are actually a picture I took of a woodland trail in one of our big city parks. One of these days I’m going to walk through it, once tick season is over. I’ve heard it’s good for bird watching and has a white snowy owl in residence. At the entrance there is a sign which says it’s an example of a Carolinian forest. It might make a good blog topic someday. I just took the picture at the entranceway, it looked very peaceful.


    • Joni says:

      Thanks Annie – it is a catchy tune and seems to be permanently stuck in my brain now….at least until something more autumn like replaces it. I often listen to music when I walk.


  1. Linda Schaub says:

    I enjoyed this post very much Joni. I remember Maria Muldaur’s “Midnight at the Oasis” as it seemed it was on the radio every time I turned it on back in the first year of college, same time as you. I’d have never ID’d her voice in this song. My parents listened to country western music, the authentic stuff, like Hank Williams, Sr. or Hank Snow and the women country western crooners like Patsy Cline. I like Patsy Cline’s music – what a voice. There are some bluegrass tapes here in the house – I’ve not heard them in years. I like your illustrations – very clever how you matched them up. Is that your deck Joni? I seem to remember your deck was white and you had blue tables on it and I see a little bit of pink rose peeking out in the corner. Summer is doing a slow exit.

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    • Joni says:

      She had a very clear distinctive voice, much better than Dolly Parton although she wrote the song. Yes that is my deck. I couldn’t find a free photo of a porch swing – you know the kind that is hanging with chains on a southern veranda, so I just used mine. Same with the honeysuckle, and the woods pictures which are from a woodland trail in one of the parks here which I intend to explore some day when tick season is over. I just took the picture at the entrance to the trail as it seemed very peaceful and it seemed to fit the song. Jo above said the woods reminded her of of her home in northern Florida, but the entrance sign says it is an example of a “Carolinian” deciduous forest which stretches from the Carolinas to southern Ontario. I love Patsy Cline – and some of the older country tunes, even Kenny Rodgers. I don’t care for the newer country stuff, which always seems to be playing at hairdressers. I took my mom to get her hair cut and I asked them why they play that twangy stuff, (it gets on my nerves) and they said because the lyrics are “family friendly” for little kids, as opposed to most pop music stations now – well that was an answer I wasn’t expecting! “Summer is doing a slow exit” I like that phrase. It can stay as long as it likes. Today was certainly beautiful – a nice refreshing breeze, sunny but not too hot. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

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      • Linda Schaub says:

        I liked the old Kenny Rogers too and his songs with Dolly Parton as well. Dolly Parton’s slow songs were okay, if she didn’t jazz them up too much and make them loud.
        Like you, I don’t like screaming and loud songs. My mom heard Hank Williams, Jr. once and said “that’s not country – I sing better than that, his father would roll over in his grave.” I like Willie Nelson as well – not every song but the softer ones. Patsy Cline, a beautiful voice.

        I thought it might be your deck. Very nice and the two pillows on the glider look inviting for a nap or reading and being comfy. I know you like blue so figured the pitcher and glasses were also yours.

        I just completed a week of grocery shopping for Winter … went out Tuesday through today, except Friday as the HVAC had to come to make the “fix” so that killed my walk and/or shopping. I did get to the Park most of the days for a quick mile and today three miles as I was at the store at 7:30 a.m. I know tomorrow we are having a stormy morning, so I’m going to stay in and sleep in. I am exhausted from all the shopping/schlepping it all in. I have one more big shopping to do, but no room to put anything now – will sort and shelve everything over Labor Day weekend, or at least start it – that’s a big job done. Just more paper products and laundry soap and some more peanuts and seeds for the Winter. Yesterday was beautiful, so cut the lawn and did weeds when I came home from shopping. I told the grass guy he could return on the 19th of September. I had paid him for July and August, then suspended it as the grass was so brown, so I only have to pay for November and he hasn’t done November the last few years – too bad as there’s lots of leaves around in November still.

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      • Joni says:

        I admire you stocking up like that for winter. I find I am buying bulk or duplicates or triplicates when things go on sale, as I’m tired of paying those crazy prices. I got 3 packs of paper towels the other day, for $6 as opposed to $9. They always used to be $5? A box of M&M (it’s a small chain grocery store of prepackaged foods – one aisle) haddock fish fillets was always $16 and it’s now $22? When I made a comment about the 6 dollar increase, the owner/clerk gave me a lecture about the Ukrainian war and wheat prices etc. It’s fish, with a bit of coating?” I think these companies are just gouging people. If it wasn’t Mom’s favorite I would have left it in the store. I find myself shopping the flyers more and more and buying multiples.


      • Linda Schaub says:

        I am frustrated by the prices on everything. My Comcast new charges skyrocketed but that is not something I would get rid of, the landline keeps going up every month or so. I got gasoline the other day and for between 1/4 and 1/2 tank, it was $43.00! And this last tank of gas used was mostly errands and running back and forth to the grocery store. Even bread and milk – ridiculous. I have tried to check their ads as well to get the best deals for stocking up. I have another trip, maybe two to make, but they are easy to lug in and not the canned items and oatmeal which were heavy and my mouse looks like a cyclone hit it! But, when it is snowing or raining, I won’t have to go out. The paper towels jack-up in price is ridiculous – they know everyone needs to buy paper towels so they can get away with it.

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  2. J P says:

    I was not familiar with this but I like it! There’s a bluegrass feel to it and while neither is really in my wheelhouse, I usually prefer bluegrass to the more twangy, Nashville country.

    I’m glad you printed the lyrics because I got swept up into the lovely instrumental work that brought home the wistful aura the lyrics convey. And I knew nothing of Maria Muldaur other than the old radio hit you mentioned. Very nice!

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    • Joni says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it JP. It just reminded me of a summer day….and we don’t have many left! We square danced once in grade school grade 8 which I thought great fun and I could envision people square dancing to the instrumental part.

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