17 thoughts on “#Spring Forward – Wordless Wednesday

  1. Ally Bean says:

    I’m with you on this one. I bought a total of 50 daffodil bulbs that we’ve planted them on the hillside in our backyard. We’re hoping they’ll naturalize the area with sunny yellow charm next spring.

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    • Joni says:

      That’s exactly what I’ll be expecting in the spring! I never noticed that on the packaging, but then I can’t speak French, other than grade school French.


  2. Linda Schaub says:

    You’re a busy bee Joni. You now have something to look forward to after this long and snowy Winter they are predicting (even though the 72F temp this Sunday will make me question their prediction). You have a nice collection of colors to fill your yard in six months from now. You can take pictures of the first shoots for your blog and document their progress. I have done that with people in the next block over. I don’t know who they are, but every Spring they have Snowdrops which I’ve taken photos of … that first sign of life poking its head above the still-frozen soil and in no time they have tiny white flowers.

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    • Joni says:

      I think I might need to buy some more as one of my bloggers, (Jo) says she plants daffodil bulbs in her big urns and I have two big black urns beside the garage door which I haven’t used in years, so that’s an idea, if I can still find some. Yes, crazy warm weather, but I’ll take it.

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      • Linda Schaub says:

        [I am back after an hour to watch the Harris/Biden acceptance speech online on CNN; this is something I’ve never done with any other politician … it’s just such a relief that they got in and maybe this country can be righted once again.] I have a neighbor across the street and I took pictures of her daffodils this year … I wanted to do a blog post about them and tenacity, because Mrs. Elmore planted those daffodil bulbs shortly after they moved in that house, even before we moved here in 1966. The front and side gardens were rototilled after she died in 2010 and the house was sold and the landlord tore everything out … but in a corner, the rototiller missed that little clump of daffodils and they are still growing. I think some daffodils in an urn may last you the rest of your days in your house … I would go for it Joni!

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