California Dreamin’ – Soundtrack Saturday

The Mamas and The Papas – 1965
All the leaves are brown…
and the sky is gray….
I’ve been for a walk on a winter’s day….
I’d be safe and warm if I was in LA
California dreaming on such a winters day.
Stopped into a church I passed along the way….
Well I got down on my knees and I begin to pray….
Let this pandemic please go away…..
California dreaming on such a winter’s day…..

22 thoughts on “California Dreamin’ – Soundtrack Saturday

  1. annieasksyou says:


    Always enjoyed that song. But aligning it with the coronavirus was so apropos. And it reminded me of one of our admittedly small losses: we had tickets to a Judy Collins and Arlo Guthrie concert that was cancelled in June.

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    • Joni says:

      Oh, Judy Collins….hope it will be rescheduled sometime. One of my blogger friends, Ruth, just pointed out that it’s not “safe and warm” in LA right now, which I had not thought of when I drafted the post last week…so true.


  2. Linda Schaub says:

    I always loved this song and the group too. This is very creative Joni. The lack of sun in the Winter makes Winter seem to crawl by, even if there is no snow. We’ve been pretty lucky so far but the weekend does not sound so great … our clear days for walking had to run out sooner or later.

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    • Joni says:

      Ruth pointed out, very wisely I might add, that it’s not exactly safe in LA right now! Something I didn’t thing of as their lockdown wasn’t as drastic when I drafted it and I was thinking of the warm part! I don’t mind the lack of sun in Winter as much as the snow. I hate the snow and that shut-in feeling. I don’t want to go out but I like knowing I could if I wanted to. We will probably just get rain on the weekend hopefully.

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      • Linda Schaub says:

        Yes, it seems more dire every day in LA and due to the wildfires and high winds they were maybe going to be shutting off the power again. I heard today that Alaska was warmer than Florida yesterday. It was not bad today, but freezing fog in the a.m. – I won’t walk in that. Dangerous if it’s murky and slippery to boot. I’ve still walked, even though I made my goal, but only because once the snow melted, it was clear and dry again, but very cold. I don’t like snow and ice. Dangerous to drive in. I hope it’s just rain this weekend too Joni.

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  3. J P says:

    Big Mamas & Papas fan here, though I would have been a very young one when these songs were new and playing through the AM radio in my mother’s Oldsmobile. Your pictures are a good addition.

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    • Joni says:

      Thanks JP, although several readers have wisely pointed out it’s not really safe in LA right now with the lockdown and fires! Ah well, at least it’s warm.


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