#Summer Storm – Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday – let your (photo)s tell your story.     Summer storm over the lake.

storm clouds Janice K.

Storm warning….shelf cloud

storm shelf cloud - EJ two

An artistic piece of driftwood.

Summer storm over the lake - EJ

An eerie sight….

Summer storm over the lake - EJ

but I do love turquoise…..

storm - lake after the storm- EJ

After the storm…all clear

(Photos not mine – they belong to a friend who rented a cottage, but are too good not to share.)

32 thoughts on “#Summer Storm – Wordless Wednesday

  1. Linda Schaub says:

    Those are amazing photos, all the shades of blue and that shelf cloud … your friend captured it all and you’re right – it was too good not to share. P.S. – I had to look up “NB” … first time I’d seen that written. Where have I been as it was even in “Urban Dictionary”.

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    • Joni says:

      Oh, the urban dictionary meaning is bad….I’ll just edit it out. According to the Collins English Language dictionary “You write NB to draw someone’s attention to what you are about to say or write. for example NB The opinions stated in this essay do not necessarily represent those…..”

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      • Linda Schaub says:

        I just went back to the Urban Dictionary and didn’t notice anything bad for NB – it was the same meaning as Collins English Dictionary. Did I miss something? I would have told you … well that’s weird. When I saw it was Latin and the meaning, I figured you used it in conjunction with work. I have to tell you that sometimes when I’m writing and use a phrase or old-fashioned saying of some type, that maybe I grew up hearing, or my mom used, etc., I Google it because often it is a double entendre and that surprises me. How does it go from one meaning to another – yikes!


      • Joni says:

        I guess it is Latin meaning take notice…. “Nota bene is a Latin phrase, often used after a paragraph to give an extra importance to a particular idea or thought. Also could be written as: NB.” Linda, I can’t find what I saw when I googled it before – some derogatory hip-hop slang meaning. No worries….

        Urban Dictionary: NB

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