#Snowpeople – Wordless Wednesday

Let your photo(s) tell your story.

Even a big burly snowman needs to wear a mask….
Every snowwoman needs some bling – but if your nose falls off…..
….then improvise! (I wonder if their mother knew they left the bag of celery outside?)
I’m melting……The End.

12 thoughts on “#Snowpeople – Wordless Wednesday

    • Joni says:

      The snow is dirty as this was a light January snowfall, but one of the first we’d had so the kids were excited to make snowmen. Now that we’ve a ton of snow, the novelty has worn off. Now the kids are out tobogganing on the small hills in the park, but I wasn’t able to get good pictures. It’s nice to see and hear children playing outside, even if it is cold. Today it’s milder and the air feels more like the March melt….the worst of winter is over I think.


  1. Linda Schaub says:

    Ha ha – the snow people made me smile. I didn’t see any snowmen (or women) in the neighborhood or at the Park this entire Winter season. Last year there were several I took photos of. I like these in their various stages of “undress” and I agree with you … I’ll bet their parents did not give them permission to take the entire bag of celery outside for one nose!

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