A lifestyle blog celebrating the simpler things in life.   Recently released from the work-eat-sleep-repeat cycle, my roots are rural and my long neglected interests include books (seriously addicted), music (oldies but goodies), art (my mother is a folk artist), photography (strickly amateur with a ten year old camera), gardening (lazy and sporadic), baking (and eating), fashion (vintage), history, genealogy, and decorating (but not renovating an old house ever again).    (All the paintings on the website are the work of my mother, unless otherwise specified, most painted within the past five years….see more of her work under The Artist on the main menu.   All of the photos on the site are mine, unless otherwise specified).  

A few years ago there was  a lottery commercial on TV where the ticket buyer announced that if she won “she would read, write and make all kinds of art and her only critic would be herself, and her search for the perfect property would be endless.”  I remembered thinking that you didn’t need to win a lottery for the first three, but what you did need was time.  Now being in possession of plenty of time, I think I will attempt the first two, and my mother has the third covered (I can’t draw a straight line), as for the perfect property, well there’s nothing like feathering your own nest (homeplace), no matter how humble it might be.        

Origin of the blog name – the phase the homeplace is self-explanatory to country folk.  While you may own several farms, the homeplace is the one where your home is, or the original homestead.  I grew up on a hundred acre farm in a simpler more peaceful time.   It was a century farm, settled by my Irish ancestors in 1849, who had immigrated during the potato famine.   While the homeplace no longer exists, my mother painted it from an aerial photograph, which is the painting on the home page.    (for more see Out in the Country blog – Aug21 2017 and Irish Roots Mar 17 2018)