18 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung – Wordless Wednesday

    • Joni says:

      It’s not my yard, it’s my neighbours, but it’s my view from upstairs bedroom window. I took the photo over the fence with the zoom lens, as the neighbours have two “unfriendly” dogs which are always out in the yard. Although they offered to put them inside, I don’t feel comfortable going into someone’s yard now with the COVID and social distancing etc. Next year she said I could dig up some bulbs, I think they’re called Siberian Squill, and are an invasive species.

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  1. Linda Schaub says:

    Just beautiful and Spring-y Joni – I really like this. I thought it might be your neighbor’s yard and just saw you said that in the comments. I’ve never seen the tall stepladder used, but have seen a shorter stepladder painted colonial blue and used to put a porch pot on, rather than a birdhouse on the front porch. My front porch is very small – I’d have no room to put it but like the look. I like the green color and the matching bench. You mentioned the flowers are “Siberian Squill” – I was thinking they were Forget-Me-Nots. Remember I mentioned I planted some once? I sprinkled a few packets of seeds as filler between some low bushes and other perennials and they took off like wildfire.

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    • Joni says:

      I like Forget Me Not’s too, but these Siberian Squill are apparently small bulbs. My neighbour said I could dig up a clump if I wanted to, but I didn’t really want to invade their space with all this Covid stuff going on. There’s also a big wild patch down the highway from me, interspersed with lots of old heirloom daffodils, but again that’s on private property. I’ve never seen Siberian Squill in any nursery so it might be an old thing. I’ve tried planting Forget Me not’s but not had luck. I spray painted my wrought iron garden cart lime green after I saw how pretty the color was, but it needs repainting. The blue and lime green is a nice combination. I have some small painting projects to do outside if it ever gets warm again. I managed to walk today in between bursts of snow flurries! The sun came out and it was quite pleasant and then it snowed again. I hope to answer your gmail tomorrow – too late tonight.

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      • Linda Schaub says:

        I have never heard of Siberian Squill before but I like it. I used to be better about dividing and transplanting back in the day. Got Black-Eyed Susans all around the yard that way, then lost them in the Polar Vortex #1 – them and the Purple Coneflowers. I was upset. I wonder why my Forget-Me-Nots were so rugged? I went out back last week, the first day of the cookies when I was waiting on the squirrels – the only item that had any green on it was the Forget-Me-Nots coming up. I like the lime green and blue together – I never would have thought about doing that before. The snow flurries yesterday – I did not think it would land and stay. This morning, most of the snow was gone. Thought I’d need hiking boots as it may be slippery, but it was fine. Tomorrow morning we get 1-3 inches, and they say grassy areas only, not concrete It was nice this morning – did 4 miles and the sun was out – likely no walk tomorrow. Take your time on the e-mail – no hurry. I have another post I have done and just have to proofread it – was going to do it for tomorrow morning, but not keen on doing it on a Friday and straying from my schedule. It is kind of funny, so called it “Friday Frivolity” but could change it to Tuesday Musings. Not sure. Computer issues at work so left a little later and just landed here about 15 minutes ago as I was waiting on him to call back to read some of the news on FB, etc.

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    • Joni says:

      Annie I think they were on the initial list of things Doug Ford (Ontario premier), but then he narrowed the list from 74 to 44, but now they are back on it….mostly I think because people want to grow vegetables/food in their gardens, not for the flowers or planters etc. It’s the provincial government/premier who decides, not the federal government. I usually buy my garden seedlings (tomato plants/letttuce) as seedlings as I have better luck than growing from seed (which you could get by mail and the grocery store had some), and I usually buy them at Lowe’s, but they had an employee test positive last week, and closed the store to disinfect and are now reopen, but Canadian Tire has good stuff too. I guess we are all supposed to be growing Victory gardens!
      The other thing they forgot about was the migrant workers from Mexico and Jamaica who help out with the planting of vegetable farms, because the next month is a crucial planting time for those farmers, but now they have been let in but must self-quarantine for 14 days of course. There were 38 employees testing positive at the big Cargill meat processing plant in Alberta, so now they think meat supply might be an issue down the road, as they supply 40% of our meat. We all have to eat. Nothing else is being added to the list for now that I know of – so we’re pretty much still in lockdown and will be for awhile.

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  2. annieasksyou says:

    Interesting. Thanks for the explanation.

    We’re already having meat and poultry shortages. I don’t know if you read about the Smithfield Farms outbreak, which closed a pork facility in South Dakota and now several others. The governor is a trumpie who won’t listen to pleas from the mayor and others For testing and quarantine. I am quite concerned that trump and his minions are really messing up the whole world.

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