Fame and Fortune – Monday Musings

         I don’t watch many movies anymore, there being a dearth of anything good unless you enjoy remakes and sequels from the last century, but we had our first snowstorm last night which called for a night on the couch with some mindless entertainment – ie. The Golden Globes, the first of the Hollywood award shows.   So in an effort to shake things up here, I thought I’d do a Monday version of Five on Friday – just some random thoughts on fame and fortune from the past weekend.     

Does Meg Ryan ever watch her old movies on New Years Eve?

I see from my five-year diary that I’ve watched Sleepless in Seattle the past three years on New Years Eve.   (Yes,I lead an exciting life).   Before that When Harry Met Sally was a staple of New Years television.   Meg Ryan is in her late fifties now.   Does she ever look back at how young and pretty she was and sigh.   And the fashions – while I was never a big fan of 80’s clothes they look stylish in a retro way and wider pants and bigger shoulders seem to be coming back in.   I always loved her French braid hairstyle in that movie.

Does Brad Pitt find it uncomfortable being the same room with all his ex’s?

Brad Pitt won for best supporting actor at the Golden Globes last night.   He was there by himself and cracked a joke in his acceptance speech about dating anyone he stands next to.   Gwyneth Paltrow (they were engaged once), was there, looking older and plumper, and Jennifer Aniston (they were married for five years), looking great as always, but they were at tables in a galaxy far far away.      Wouldn’t it be the tiniest bit awkward?  Thank God Angelina stayed home.  

How does Jennifer Aniston stay so young looking?

Come on we know it’s not the Aveeno moisturizer.   Maybe it’s the fake tan.  Why do some people age better than others?   Genetics, good bone structure, staying out of the sun.   You can have plastic surgery and botox, but it’s hard to hide a turkey neck.    Aren’t we all a little bit jealous?

Why is it okay for male actors to have wrinkles but not females?

Brad Pitt still looks good with a few wrinkles, but I didn’t see any wrinkles on anyone female.   It must be exhausting having to be so high maintenance.  While we’re on the subject of looks, why are women expected to be turkeys, (flashing lots of leg and breast but minus the neck) while the men can just show up as penguins (throw on a tuxedo)?   More on this double standard in an upcoming music blog.  

Why are there always so many ugly dresses on the red carpet? 

Yes, I know they want to stand out but the red carpet was a sea of strange colors, enormous sleeves, bell hoop skirts not seen since the days of the civil war (Scarlett O’Hara, not Johannsen), and weird criss-cross halter tops.    And it seems skinny is out now.   Even Taylor Swift has gained some weight.  Hardly anyone looks good in leprechaun green (Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift).    You’d think with all that money they could come up with something a bit more classy – think Audrey Hepburn. 

Why is Tom Hanks such a nice guy?

Tom Hanks received the Cecile Demille Lifetime Achievement award.   I was amazed at how many good movie roles he’s had though the years.   Why doesn’t someone like him run for president?  Such a nice decent guy, universally liked – a simple end to divisiveness.     Does Tom Hanks ever sit around on New Years Eve watching Sleepless in Seattle and think, hey I wasn’t bad looking back then.              

Enough about Fame – on to Fortune

How would you spend 70 million dollars?

The Canadian Lotomax is up to 70 million this week again.  No one won, but after seeing it on the evening news, I dutifully I went to the variety store at 8pm on Friday night to purchase my once in a trillion chance.   While not as big as the US Powerball lottery, it’s all tax-free, but how could you possibly spend all that money?    Other than buying the obvious things, vacations, houses, cars, more winter coats (see upcoming blog), giving to charity and those relatives speaking to you, what would you do with the rest?    Chances are I’ll never know.

(Okay, it was seven not five, but it’s only 700 words, and it was kind of fun).

25 thoughts on “Fame and Fortune – Monday Musings

  1. Kate Crimmins says:

    I read somewhere that Jennifer and Brad are good friends. She invited him to her 50th birthday party. As for the double standard, I don’t get it. Yes J-Lo is beautiful but wouldn’t she be as talented and successful if she had clothes on? Same for so many others. Hanks, not much you can say. Just plain old nice.

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  2. Anne says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this! As for the fortune of 70 million … even in my dreams I cannot imagine a benefit other than knowing you do not have to worry about your finances again 🙂

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  3. Eilene Lyon says:

    Fun musings! While the Hollywood double standard will probably never disappear, at least there are more and more great roles for women like Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, and Helen Mirren – oh wait, those dames are all Brits! Well, even Meryl Streep is allowed to show her age (though she looks awesome).

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    • Joni says:

      It had been few years since I had watched an awards show – usually I just tune in for the first part of the Oscars to check out the dresses and quit when I get bored and realize I’ve never heard of most of the movies. But I really wanted to see Tom Hanks get his award, which of course was towards the end of the show.

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  4. lindasschaub says:

    I have not watched any awards shows in a while, but I heard them talking about Brad Pitt’s acceptance speech with Jennifer Aniston looking on, so I Googled around and found a few pictures of the outfits that supposedly shone on the red carpet. When I was younger, even if I did not stay up to watch the entire Oscars (since the best awards were way after midnight and it was a work night), I never missed the glam and glitz of the red carpet parade of stars. In those days, the stars were well-coiffed, make-up impeccable, usually beautiful gowns and seemingly “floating along” while holding onto the arm of a handsome fellow in an impeccable tux, both of them smiling with perfect teeth.

    Last night I spent a few minutes looking at these Golden Globes folks, none whom I knew and was astounded. Their dresses were downright ugly and the fashions for men with short and tight tuxes and ill-fitting jackets which look like they belong to their younger brother, is not a good look, but that’s my opinion. They used to call them “starlets” and boy did they shine back in the day. Yet, I saw women with stick-straight hair, hanging lifeless looking, like they just washed it and let it dry – absolutely no style in it at all. I didn’t see baubles or any stunning jewelry and minimal makeup. And I didn’t know anyone in the video I watched on the red carpet and only new very few others who were milling about – all the old timers mostly – I guess Meryl Streep or Tom Hanks would now be in that category, as am I. P.S. I must comment on Charlize Theron’s dress and hair – once upon a time she was attractive – why did she go to great lengths to make herself less so?

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    • Joni says:

      I usually tune into the first hour of those shows – just to see the dresses and hear the intro. jokes, as I don’t know a lot of the stars or movies anymore either. It was certainly a bad year for fashion. There wasn’t one dress that I thought was stylish. I think Jennifer Aniston’s black ball gown was about the best and at least everything was covered, unlike most of the rest. And you’re right hardly any jewelry. I don’t remember what Charlize Theron was wearing other than her hair was very short and not flattering. I hate that tight jacket look for the men too – they look like they’re wearing a suit in a size too small, and then they pair it with tan shoes like Trudeau – no style at all. Hopefully that trend won’t last.

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      • lindasschaub says:

        Charlize Theron was making a comment about Tom Hanks and how she admired him – I only saw the top of her black dress with a lime green item hanging over it – not a stole, but it didn’t make sense and her pixie haircut did not flatter her, no more than it flattered me in 7th grade and with brown eyeglasses to boot. 🙂 What are designers and hairstylists thinking? We have snow to shovel or sweep, not sure, this morning – ugh.

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      • Joni says:

        Yea I remember if now, the lime green. She introduced his award as apparently he gave her her first movie role. I was never a big fan of her and can’t even remember what she’s starred in. An inch of snow here, nothing to shovel, but probably too cold to walk far.

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      • lindasschaub says:

        I’ve never seen her in any movies, but I subscribed to “People” magazine for years and then suddenly the magazine would come to the house and we know no one anymore so we let the subscription lapse. I bought the year-end magazine before Christmas when I was at the store and was sorry I did as it was the same – I knew so few people. I likely saw her at an awards show in the past when she had longer hair. It was not flattering in the least and as I said before, I thought every woman I saw looked like she put zero effort into her looks for such a gala event.

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  5. Ally Bean says:

    Why are there always so many ugly dresses on the red carpet?

    Of all your wonderful questions, this is the one that I come back to every year. Given the international coverage of awards shows wouldn’t you think you’d want to be seen/remembered as stylish and affluent, not overdressed and needing attention? Just saying…

    I like how you mind questions that which is around you. I feel like we’re two peas in a pod. But not wearing that dreadful shade of green.

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    • Joni says:

      HA! Love the pea joke! Green is like my least favorite color, esp the bright kelly green. A soft shade of mint green is okay. You might like my Linda Rondstadt blog which I just posted, although possibly it sounds too much like a rant…..I feel some days that decency has become somewhat obsolete…

      Liked by 1 person

    • Joni says:

      Thanks Debbie! I don’t know if you watched the PBS special Sanditon tonight, but you were correct, they should never have attempted to finish that novel. As the old expression goes, Jane Austen must be rolling over in her grave!


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