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WordPress recently congratulated me on my five year blog anniversary, but it’s really been four years since I started blogging. The first year I didn’t post at all – I needed a rest from the stress of simply creating a website! It was a big step for me, a person who had not written anything in decades. I now have 206 posts – I’ve posted regularly once a week (Wed/Thurs) for four years, although I took a month break in the fall of 2019, which I don’t think anyone noticed.

It may seem strange to celebrate your blogging anniversary by taking a break, but I haven’t posted in a month. I keep meaning to. I have drafts started but the weather has been too hot/humid/rainy to get the pictures to go with them. How hard can it be to get sailboat or duck photos? Both have been scarce sightings this summer. I had to resort to my vault for this one.

Great weather for ducks, but where are they all?

Of course that may just be an excuse for not feeling motivated to write. Canadians like to complain about the weather – it’s either too hot or too cold, but I don’t ever remember a summer this horrible weather-wise. We’ve had weeks and weeks of never-ending heat and humidity with humidex readings so high it makes you not want to go out at all. Maybe the ducks just feel too listless and lethargic to go swimming.

Plus, I’ve had company for the month of August (lots of eating, barbecuing but no baking, talking and catching up – I’m rusty at the talking part), so my writing routine has been interrupted, and I can’t seem to find the time to get back at it. I tend to be a bit OCD about meeting my weekly deadline, but it’s amazing how quickly you can get out of the writing habit.

I’ve enjoyed blogging too much to quit totally, but I’m not going to attempt to meet a weekly schedule anymore – I’m aiming for maybe twice a month. But I’ll be still be here lurking and reading of course! In the meantime, those macrons in the heading photo look good. No turning on the oven in the dog days of summer!

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PS. I hope you are able soak up the last days of summer. For musical inspiration, head over to Ruth Soaper’s blog for a slideshow of morning on her farm, Morning Has Broken. I’ve always loved that Cat Stevens song.

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